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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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why this city says it is powerless to stop it. new speaker he says o de simpson is innocent and he can prevent will take you inside this personal crime lab and the weapon he believes the crack the case. you see them in banks malls and office buildings arms just like cops but one big difference. the private guards can get a license to carry a weapon and without ever having to fire a real bullets. site is unbelievable. and the plane on time everyone is talking about breast
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feeding is just how common is it? the surprising thing we found in the bay area. beating and can best do that. people and once that is a community say they're under siege and the city as reluctant to help. these are snatching something you may not expect them to steal and now the problem just got much worse. what everyone feared would happen did. the fire burned one of the most elaborate kamins we've ever seen. complete with a barbecue florin and an entry gate. in the process has brought attention to the complex and increasingly dangerous problem and sandras say. she lives about a mile downstream from today's fire of her condo but up against the creek where squatters have set at camp 150 way from her front door. a few months ago she caught two of them in her home stealing her belongings. she has complained to multiple agencies but gotten nowhere. so they're stop living with
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this and i feel as if we're under siege. and it is pretty terrific. david says this is what does this water is also used to select a program to charge their cellphones and fill buckets of water using his faucet. south the pop up and touch the two wires what's more someone has been breaking to the garages and stealing thousands of dollars of belongings. says a police say clearing out encampments is easy in all social services and shelters hospitals counselors and police officers all departments with their own shrinking budgets. this is a problem that i don't think will go way we'll always have to deal with this issue and however that it can't be beat out collaborative can we be in looking for long-term solution? to the plate is the responsibility of the landowner to clean up the encampment in this case it is this santa clara
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valley water district who did not have immediate action to the story but did say they're having a meeting about the topic on the 17th. ins and as a cps 5. the state comptroller says there are some of the worst books he has ever seen tonight and he wants to know what is going on and hercules. tighten john chong says the gas for dozens of documents and only a few were found to his request to meet with staff were often ignored or canceled. the mayor of the town of hercules says the comptroller is just politicking. tonight are citicorp says it say that we provided 52 boxes of documents. they went through those 52 boxes of documents requested some more information that we turned over to them. their residents turned up at a town hall meeting to complain that they too have been asking city officials lots of questions but cannot get any answers. a major blow to the
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banking industry today j.p. morgan chase disclosed that lost $2 billion over the past six weeks. the largest bank in the country says those losses came from a failed the trading strategy. that was supposed to help manage risk the cl blamed the terrorist sloppiness and bad judgment. and says it could cost the bank up to $1 billion more. vallejo one says six flags discovery kingdom is breaking the law because it's a killer whale is swimming solo. in 19 year-old orc and some might say she is just lonely. but one animal activist calls her living conditions cruel and inhumane. as julia goodrich reports she has hundreds of people backing her up. the killer whales in captivity need companionship. is a lot. that is indeed a lot federal law. did we it's been almost six months that she's been alone. this animal
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activists started an on-line petition demanding six flags discovery kingdom finding should add the 19 year-old female orca it will make. so far she has 700 signatures. she says she does current circumstances are cruel and inhumane. the animal welfare act requires that marine animals whenever their social and while the that they're housed with the least one compatible companion. six flags responded the written statements " to do too recent compatibility issues she and her companion for the last seven years e-mail atlantic bottlenose dolphins have been separated. the equates no word on why they were separated or if the separation is final but officials say they're actively searching for a suitable companion. and until then she is flying solo. the best thing in my opinion for her would be to send back to her family and friends are seeking a permit if they can't find a companion for her. it's until then her status is
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single and vallejo. chilly its bitter is cbs five. " president obama's and los angeles 9 but the big part the george clooney house. this could turn now to be the single richest presidential fundraiser ever. in history. many stars paid $40,000 to get in the total haul tonight is $15 million. if the president spoke for about 20 minutes said his decision to support same-sex marriages a logical extension of where he believes america ought to be. in the vice-presidential biden has apologize for putting president obama's and a top position over gay marriage and the republicans gave his support for the president did. the white house says the president knew he spoke from a heart. net around the issues of apology today over allegations that he was a bully and high school. i'm sure like
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other folks i've done stupid things and high-school. and if i offended everyone by that i apologize. according to the washington post 46 years ago romney and several friends at his prestigious high school held down at the students and cut off his ponytail. the presumptive republican nominee says that he doesn't really remember the incident but also doesn't dispute that it happened. the distance in murder trial divided the country and now a private eye from north texas wants you to question everything you ever heard. he says the real killer wasn't o.j. but probably someone very close to him. reporter ginger allen with the cbs news exclusive. this ranch outside hubbard texas is probably the last place you'd expect to find evidence that exonerates o.j. simpson. but that is where you'll find bill der a retired police officer and longtime private at. he spent 18 years reviewing the facts of the case and published
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his conclusions in this book. has anyone ever been in here before? he took me inside a room he has turned into his own crime lab. and beverly allowed anyone to look at the all the evidence the walls are covered with photos of the evidence trial in simpson's family just days after the murder he flew to l.a. in walks the crime scene that is when he began to suspect that police were after the wrong man. then i realized based on what i've been told so far that o.j. didn't do it that believe that he had come to have been at the crime scene but he was probably at the crime scene after the murders. cody didn't do it but to date? we found that jayson more simpson was represented by an attorney refused to cooperate. new speaker he says he ruled out a number of suspects may it before focusing on jason simpson, o.j.'s son from his first marriage. his book paints a picture of a deeply disturbed young man. there is a young man
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who was 24 of the time and we checked his criminal record he was on probation at the time of the murders for assault with a knife. to his former employer. under a deal he agreed to plead guilty to reduced charge of disturbing the peace and was ordered to stay away from his former boss the private i'd dug through jason simpson strass he says he found prescriptions used to treat seizures and possibly a rage disorder. he also claims to have bought the contents of jason simpson storage locker put up for auction after no one paid the bill. and says it contains diaries from 1993 personal photos of the simpson family, a sport coat that looks like the one jayson more on the day of the verdict. and at the bottom of the box this knife. you're telling me this is the knife that killed nicole simpson and ron goldman? i believe that are suspects was using this knife on the night of june 12th. he spent about a million dollars on the case even going
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so far as to buy this car. this is the 1993 jeep that are suspect was driving on the night of june 12, 1994. his book says on the night the murders nicole simpson had made plans to eat with friends in the restaurant where jason works. but teamster mind and went to another restaurant instead. i interviewed several people who were there that night and could tell me that these and appeared to be very upset. and they to be back to the fact that she didn't show up. he believes jason simpson could've gone to her home to confront her. what do believe really happened? they may have gotten into into each other's faces she probably wanted him to go and then whenever happened escalated as a result the night came down on the top of her head. new speaker he says friends experts tell him the bottom of this ninth match is a cut on top of her head. i think he got in touch as bad iphone or cellphones or went directly to the house and he didn't totally
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believed him and then bent down to golf one of the gloves reach down to check for her pulse and when he did the head when when when the body when the other. her head was nearly severed when she rolls down he drops the glove and looks up and sees ron goldman and panics and is out of there. and then there's the phone and since then showing him wearing a black hat which looks like the one found by police at the crime scene. we know it contained hat here from african- americans and from a dog but they couldn't definitely say belongs to o.j. simpson. dna can do all that now why can't we get that hair and compared to jason? but i want to to do. but no one involved the case is now willing to take a second look at that evidence or anything else in his 500 page book. it can be open at any time the didn't choose to do so. what you're wrong? i'll let them and speak for itself as a dog's to me saying he did it. what i say is he is a major we overlooked suspects.
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numerous attempts were made to contact jason simpson about william tears accusations but he could not be reached. the district attorney's office in los angeles says it has no comment o.j. simpson's attorney also said his client has no comment on the allegations. his first birthday came and went in 18 months and came and went and it came and went and it is felt good it felt normal. the time magazine cover store has a lot of people talking hole this tool for a child to be breast feeding? and doctor's orders go ahead and eat all the fast-food you want. why people are being paid to gain weight? they carry the same weapons as police officers but with only routine hours of training. the state will give them a firearms claim
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you don't exactly have that green thumb. but your siding? that's pro.
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finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro. fired the gun that he is scary. why? alan martin is here to show us. security guards out members warned the police officers worked one according to the california department of consumer affairs. of course they're there to help protect but it could go the other way. it's the story you'll only see on cbs five. inside the boulevard stolen cross that flies faster than a foil wraps in her die. the one expected that outside pilots would fly. while. he was held at gunpoint
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himself and that's when iraq's the taking of he was able to get back to his feet and will to grab is gonna get it together in shute and ran out the door gun blazing. trendy at the get away car. and when was working so well a tree and security guard while no one would talk about the details of the robbery consider this. to qualify for a basic guard card the state requires 40 hours of training. to qualify to carry loaded gun there is 14 more hours of trading with six and a firing range. some longtime instructors like steve caballeros say those requirements are not enough.
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considering what police officers go through in the months of training and looking the security officer the had the same equipment the same weapons some armed security guards are getting trained and qualified without ever firing live bullets. assuming it's unbelievable. in the bay area there's one school chinese security guards with using a legal simulate later a very the high-tech system 9 mm clocks are retrofitted with compressed air to stimulate the kick of real ammunition. lead instructor marcus brown felt says even law enforcement uses the laser shot program and it actually has advantages over traditional firing range trading. nervousness about the weapon misfiring were blowing up in-your-face. all of that is a little bit more relaxed in the
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simulator trainer. how will last? keep in the screen without any of the classroom training marcus put me through a video scenario. any both of you to step back. it happens frequently. then qualify. take your time. reed and squeeze. he up to 30 at 250 very dead. the new grouping is not too bad technically pass in the shooting requirements to become an armed guard. never once in a fire and real bullets. some people would say are you telling me that security guard and the bank has qualified ease carry weapons is never actually shot. it's a real-life
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scenario. it actually happened. very dead. so why is the state allowing it? is a technology that change the regulations haven't kept pace russ heinrich's at the state department of consumer affairs which regulates the security guard in the street. there's nothing in the regulations set specifically authorize or pri had its the use of laser based simulators. on the web site we found it spelled out clearly a simulator may be used to qualify. so how the wording that it? and the was probably entered in the regulations as they stand probably because we have questions or we have had questions. and quite possibly pressure from the industry that needs to encourage new applicants. it's much less expensive to do it this way critics say they have no excuse and they're complaining loudly at stake hearings like this one. is up to you. as the head of his bureau to put a stop to this nonsense.
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to we have a vested interest in having individuals trade war. yes we do. i'm not saying we don't. and san juan more training requirements for the security officers. but all the same. back at the beauty shop andrea novak agrees. anyone is allowed to hold a gun especially in uniform you're assuming they're professionals and the and you're finding ounce and may not be. the loss prevention group by the way says ideally both the simulator and live fire training combined would be the best the states considering changing the regulatory language but the department of consumer affairs says that could take close to a year. town martin cbs five. doctors warn you to gain weight and will pay for its researchers at washington university in st. louis the participants to eat fast food for three months. they want to determine why some of these people develop diabetes and heart problems and others
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don't the job pays $3,500, nash yet to be overweight already in game 5% your weight for this event will be enrolled in a weight-loss program after it is all over. its symbol krenz others applauded but it seems like everybody is talking about the cover of this week's time magazine which shows a woman breast-feeding her son. is fun that is old enough to get his own glass of milk. but as elizabeth cook found out nursing toddlers is more common than you might think. it's usually at a time early in the morning so sickening years. breast feeding is a part of the daily routine for correction and her two and a half year-old daughter can. 12 months and is first became and went and then to came and went and saw and felt it felt normal. but for some images like this and the new time magazine cover depicting a woman breast- feeding her three year-old son
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are anything but normal. laura davies is a child psychologist that fills a magazine cover depicts an unhealthy relationship between mother and child. it's really blurring of boundaries shall be does it difficult for them and many years ahead if they're old enough to get themselves and will not be doing it. ends up that is not this really the way in biology. the cover article titled are you mama now focuses on the idea of attachment therapy and method brought into the limelight by this man. parenting group doctor bills years. he says extended breastfeeding is key to parent'' child bonding experts like peggy agreed. kid grows up with their basic needs be met as out and says i can, for the world. and i think that is the power of attachment parenting. it's very good for the mother taliban's but that happens out and to appoint an
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oracle to that point stops somewhere around 18 months to a year. from both sides. a correction has witnessed a similar reaction. let them be stopped. i don't want them to be shocked but people are going to, [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77. that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. and fage greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week.
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live cbs 5 with a camera looking out toward the transamerica building and we do have mill stratas at this time just mostly clear skies but we will see clouds developing probably buy some of tomorrow morning at 6 03 in the form of some low clouds and patchy fog at the coast otherwise we're unseasonably warm. and this is interesting is our future casting a can see that we have most of the clouds swiped by the overnight hours developing overnight tonight most of the clouds leaguer to the south of the golden gate bridge and that will offer some cooling around santa cruz with a high of 70
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otherwise tonight overnight into the fifties it looks like again to moscow to be another problematic day as far as our allergies are concerned with the pollen counts off the charts tomorrow and saturday and meanwhile take a look your temperatures for friday at the '60s to the seashore and then we start to bump those numbers up into the 80s and on the peninsula east of the day we want to the mid '80s 88 to brand when 87 and now to the north nates in santa rosa the extended forecast calls for the warmest day it is in many heatwave on saturday a otherwise, to turn on monday,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the iranians taking
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on his former team spent 12 seasons with the tigers are to local own house in detroit since 2003 in that streak will continue the tigers scored eight runs in the third inning. how about one bright spot he joined jimmy fox
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dirtiest player in the late kevin garnett fired back tonight after boston eliminated the land. did we get from that comment be a little rude and civil out of hand and i wanted to address its because just as you have a bunch of money does and you can open your mouth. member for the film did not of the top-seeded bulls. the first time doug collins has won a playoff series since george bush was in the oval office. no. 3 of this is how you get off to a good start in orioles had back- to-back home runs in the first inning and they beat texas. member to the rangers reliever rod ross didn't amount the team to jupiter is used it's a want
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to get a month and have to want to get away moments. legendary 17th hole and night marked dorothea compressed into the water three times finishing with a ninth after the ground cover a ninth after the ground cover with drew citing personal
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